Framed Type Samples

Goudy framed print
“Monotype” Series No. 291 Goudy Old Style

Genuine letterpress-printed type samples from the Monotype Corporation, tastefully framed.

The prints are taken from an old loose-leaf Monotype type specimen catalogue which is at least 60 years old.

The catalogues were sent out to Monotype machine owners, in a bid to entice them to buy more matrices for their machines. They are laid out and printed to a very high standard.

An ideal gift for the letterpress or typography enthusiast.

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3 thoughts on “Framed Type Samples”

  1. I have a more or less complete volume stored in the attic for the last twenty years, I think they are from the 1930’s, also several other Lino(1925) and Intertype (Model D) and a Ludlow specimen books and sheets and the mono type pocket book, also the Lino numbered parts and description manual. Adana material from 1950’s, when I started printing in fact a four drawer cabinet full.

    It is a shame to break up the mono specimen book in this way when quality copies of sheets could be made for this purpose.

    I am looking at disposing of my collection to someone who intends to use it.

    About 25 48 mags and twice as many card fonts of mats in drawers, the mach is rather sick the no 1 camb being damaged and the mould wheel having run on so for parts unless someone has parts and knowhow for restoration.

    There are about 80 cases of wood letter and 200 type cases many with over 50-80lbs of type if standing matter were dissed, about 100 galleys. Crown stop cylinder some new rollers, C/F Haddon platen, Cundal folder perforator, numbering boxes, hand tools etc etc.

    1. Hi Robin, thanks for the info on the type specimens.

      I am not breaking up a book to offer these prints. I picked up the sheets from a print firm that was throwing them out, they were loose sheets and no sign of a binder.

      If you would like to advertise your items for sale, please feel free to use the Free Ads section of this site.

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