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Postage stamps

Started by printsmurf, June 06, 2020, 11:05:32 AM

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Two stamps from Guatemala showing the National Printing Office

Issued on 18 May 1937 an airmail stamp

Issued on 25 January 1943


Issued on 17 March 1988 to celebrate the 500th Birth Anniversary of Francysk Skaryna (~1490-1551)                            (USSR)

Francysk Skaryna is known to be one of the first book printers in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and in all of Eastern Europe. In 1522, Skaryna opened the first printing house in Vilnius. 


From post number 23 on page 2 through to post number 56 on page 4 Gutenberg is featured, but for some reason I can't fathom, I did not post any First Day Covers.

In chronological order are the ones I have or are aware of.

Post 23

This Gutenberg stamp was part of a four stamp series 'Leipzig spring fair 1940. Views of Leipzig' and all four are on this cover, which although not a First Day Cover as such was posted on the first day of issue.

Post 24

This second FDC also has a special cancellation for the Gutenberg Exhibition

Post 25

Gutenberg shares this FDC with Nikola Karastoyanov, the first Bulgarian printer


The next four stamps in chronological order have no First Day Covers, so we jump to post number 29


Two First Day Postcards

These next two covers are semi-fake - the image has been laser printed at a later date onto an original blank First Day of Issue envelope

Gutenberg cachet printed for the stamp, but used for different stamp


Post number 30

Postcard stamped on first day of issue


Post number 31

Same image, different colour

The same image was also used for the stamp (issued on the same day), which was for use in the American, British and French Occupation Sectors of Berlin.


Post number 32

Gutenberg shares this FDC with Misztotfalusi Kis Miklos, the printer of the first Bible in Hungarian.
These stamps were issued to celebrate 100 years of the Paper & Printing Workers Trade Union.

Post number 33


Post number 34

Post number 35

Gutenberg appeared in a series of six stamps titled 'Famous People'.
This is a generic FDC, not specifically designed for this particular set of stamps.

Post number 36

Two First Day Postcards


No First Day Covers exist for the next stamps from Antigua & Barbuda, and I have been unable to find one for the Madagascar issue.

Croatia - post 39

Post number 40

The next stamps are Dahomey/Benin overprints for which no FDC's exist

Post number 42

First Day postcard

The next stamp (Gambia) was part of a mini-sheet, so once again no FDC.

Richard Frajola

I am working in a web-book on the 1865 Shanghai Local Post stamps (draft here: - these stamps were printed one at a time rather than in sheet form and involved a handpress of some sort that had to be re-composited with every change of denomination.

I have searched in vain for an advertisement showing a device that could have produced these. As the Shanghai Municipal Council that issued the stamps was largely British, I hope somebody here might be able to assist my search, or direct me a potential path to finding the same. I was thinking maybe an invitation card print set up or similar.

Thanks in advance

I have set up a separate thread here: What Type of Press Printed This? if anyone would like to help Richard with his query. -Admin.


Post number 44

First Day Card with cancelled stamp and stamp in pocket on front

First day Sheet

Post number 45

No FDC for post 46

Post number 47

Post number 48 no FDc exists

Although this issue was authorized by the Central African Postal administration, it was not sold in Central Africa, but only distributed by the Central African philatelic agency Impressor S.A. for distribution onto the philatelic market.

No FDC exists for post 49

No FDC exists for post 50 as it falls under the same category as the stamp in post 48 (for distribution to the philatelic market)


Post 51

Post 52

Post 53

Post 54

I have been unable to find a FDC


Issued on 17 October 2003 in a series 'Fading professions' - 'Typesetter'          (Greece)

First Day Cover shows stamp with the five other stamps in the series


Issued on 1 April 2001 to celebrate the 150th anniversary of first Danish stamp              (Denmark)

The 4 kroner stamp shows Martinus William Ferslew, designer & engraver

The 5.5 kroner stamp shows Andreas Thiele, printer

There are four stamps which, when placed together, form an image of the first Danish stamp as shown on the accompanying First Day Cover

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