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Je suis Charlie

Started by John Cornelisse, January 09, 2015, 10:43:26 AM

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John Cornelisse

Although people might think it is not particular hot-metal.

The past days there have been a serious attack on very speach and european culture.

The killing of the journalists in Paris at Charlie Hebdo is a very serious attack on our society.

The invention of printing with movable type - hot metal lead type - stood at the basis of our present free society,
Printing made it possible to share information on a lot larger scale, than ever before.
And this very fact was the trigger for all the developments that constituated our present culture.

Actually the hostage situation in a printery !! at this moment... does mark this without any doubt.

Religions, not any religion - should not take over our freedom.

Be aware that people have been killed by "exstremist" of many - if not all religions.


I found the letter published in today's Sydney Morning Herald a very useful and thoughtful contribution to the debate surrounding this sad chain of events


George Finn (Mechanic)
Gold Coast

Dave Hughes

I've got to admit that I had never heard of this magazine, before this incident.

From what I've heard some of the humour published was not to by taste.

But, of course, I defend their right to publish it.

This cartoon appeared on the same day as the shootings, simple and hopefully true message.

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John Cornelisse

There are hopefully people that do remember a printer in the old Antwerp Belgique...

Plantin, there is a typeface with his name... This Plantin had a printshop, but he had to move his enterprize for some time, to Leiden in the than "Republic of 7 provinces", because... the church and the king would otherwise chopped his head off.

How many of his colleques suffered that fate, and were murdered because they spread knowledge the charch and the king did not like, or otherewise rather would like to keep secret ?


Some ten years ago Theo van Gogh was killed on the streets of Amsterdam, for the same reasons, by a fanatic member of the same religion that showed its potence today.

There is a newspaper in Danmark, who could suffer the same fate as Charlie Hebdo...

There are so much more people that are threathened because they changed their mind, and do not believe anymore.


It is not that long ago that women in Europe had more clothes on than present Moslin girls. Why was this ?

Do you have an answer, why all these women are bullied ?

a 15 year old girl was shot in her head by a fanatic, because she advertized school-aducation in Pakistan. She only just survived, and was honoured by a Nobel-prize.

Do you have an answer ?


The agnosts of the 17th & 18th centuries Like Denis Diderot and his friends, Voltaire and many others...

The publication of their ideas made the French revolution possible, That stripped the King and the church from lots of their powers.

But they want it back.

Dave Hughes

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