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Another way of attaching the monotype interface on the machine

Started by John Cornelisse, January 21, 2016, 02:23:59 PM

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John Cornelisse

A new way is worked out, to attach our interface to the machine.

Now it is possible to put it on the machine within munites, and taking it away too. The interface is hanging on the paperroll of the machine. A new light sensor is designed in such a way, that it can be connected to the machine in a single position.

Our former constellation did hang with its full wight on the axis inside the papertower, although most of these pointed wheels will resist this pressure, there are papertowers with wheels that give in, and when the interface is lowered after some time, all air to the pins inside the machine will be blocked.


The box is connected with the air-supply, the local server, and the 24VDC powersupply. And there is a wifi connection to the computer of the man behind the machine


The box with the valves and the electronics is here attached to two bent bars, these bars are supported by 21G4, the winding spool.


When 4G1, the air bar clamping lever connecting rod, is pulled backwards, the sensor is free to move, when  4G1 is moved forward, and will click in. than the clamp at the tower is positioned right.

The software runs inside a website in a normal browser.

At this very moment I still make the ribbon files with my old C-programs running in the MSdos-emulator at my laptop. The translation program can produce all the ribbon files needed.

In due time Krzysztof will complete his translation program too.


You certainly seem to be covering all the bases related to the conversion. Unfortunately I don't believe there are any Monotypes still operating in Australia.
George Finn (Mechanic)
Gold Coast

John Cornelisse

I did meet an Australian in 2002 in Geneva, he had at that time quite some machines and equipment. Due to some Australian bureaucrates, he had to scrape it all... It was too professional ... He had to find another hobby...

Our culture ends not with some books on a shelve, a painting on the wall, some music and performances. how important this all may be...

Machines and the skills to use and maintain them is also an important part of our culture. Here in Europe there is a lot preserved, and young people are interested too to start with it.

At the end of the monotype era, Monotype had also computer systems available to produce ribbons, but these were rather expensive and only a few systems of them survived. Keeping these old computers in the air is also quite a challence, with all  these old electronical parts so hard to be found. Computers... after even two or three years they might be out of date...

Here we have another approach: controlling the caster directly. No need to make a paper ribbon anymore.

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