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spat screen for the leadpump

Started by John Cornelisse, May 08, 2020, 07:44:49 PM

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John Cornelisse

Whenever you are casting with a Monotype machine, it happens nw and than, that from under the nozzle, a splash of lead escapes.

This can built up quite a large piece of lead, under the mould of the machine. It even could built up inside the machine interior, in such a way, that the mechanism to control the pump-mechanism would not function at all.

Recently I decided to try to stop this with a spat screen around the base of the nozzle.

This was made from the bottom of a metal beer can. This was but from the bottom, with a hammer this was made spherical, and a square hole was made in it. The hole is just enough, and it takes a little force to put the screen on the base of the nozzle.

Only 5 mm of the wall of the beer can is left, and this will avoid the lead splashes. Because of the high temperatures at this place no lead will built up, and all will go into the pot.

There is plenty of room for this when the nozzle is positioned under the mould. It worked fine.

One thing to remember, just use a iron beer can, do never use aluminium.... keep that metal for from our lead.

Keri Szafir

Iron beer can? I've never even heard of these. All I know is aluminum.
How does this cover work anyway? I reckon that when the crossblock cuts off a jet, it falls down into the pot and that can lead (no pun intended) to a little splash, but nothing too serious. The only other problem I can think of is solid lead buildup between the nozzle and mould if they're not perfectly adjusted, leading to no type coming out anymore, then you have to clean the mould's underside. But I can't see how this screen would help... I'd rather think it'd cause even more buildup as the lead can't fall down to the pot freely and stays on the tin.
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Dave Hughes

We have aluminium ones and steel ones here in the UK (though mainly aluminium). I guess the steel ones would work.
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John Cornelisse

While casting, lead could escape from under the nozzle. This lead can travel quite far.

With this lead can built aside the lead-pot under the machine, with this little extra I haven't seen that anymore.


In my experience there are three reasons for leakage from the nozzle under the mould, firstly bad alignment of the pump body, secondly it could be a worn pump body nozzle centre pin, under the nozzle end of the pump body lever, thirdly a very worn nozzle. If all of these are ok then there should be no need for a 'spat screen' at all.
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John Cornelisse

We  all are casting with very old machines, and those pumps have been used long time...

Even when you adjust the machine as good as possible, troubles will be still possible. And this helps to limit cleaning the machine every now and than.

You can buy a new nozzle, and order them at the TypeArchyve. Would there be new pumps available too ?

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