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Could you set a Book?

Started by Dave Hughes, May 13, 2009, 10:39:53 AM

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Dave Hughes

Andy Evans, who is based in Wales in the UK, recently contacted me with this request:

QuoteWe have a client who would like to print a letterpress book. We are letterpress printers but don't have the ability to set large amounts of type. Is there anybody around these days who could help us?

Andy didn't say what type of book, and I don't think he's bothered whether it's done in Monotype or Linotype.

Any takers?
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oh dear, I've not been here for so long ...

if the problem's not already solved and the book is still to be set, he should please contact me at the paper mill via e-mail:
though I think the costs will be relatively high (for both, the typesetting and the shipping) since we're situated in Switzerland.

regards, Andy

Dave Hughes

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Jeff Zilles [jeffo]

Here I go - 'Devil's Advocate' again !!

Good to see Swiss Andy again - but - if he does the setting for the proposed book - assuming it has not already been done - what type height would the metal end up as?

UK is standard at .918", with a bit less for well worn foundry or case Mono that has seen better days, and most of Europe - which probably still includes Switzerland -  used to be .928" and that would make a difference of ten thou. over everything sourced locally.

Swiss type may run at .918" these days but mistakes thru lack of caution in the printing game can turn out to be expensive - been there, done that.

There are still a few typesetters operating around the UK and some have contributed / sent questions to this forum.

At the risk of offending others who do not come quickly to mind but whose addresses I will endeavour to fish out and post -  Andy Taylor of Telscombe Cliffs in East Sussex comes first to mind.

If he is still about and able to perform the duty the freight would have to be better than inter-country - unless the EU has changed all this and standardised everything !!

Found another couple - Harry McIntosh, Speedspools, 385 Queensferry Rd, Edinburgh and Gloucester Typesetting, Unit 23E, Bond's Mill, Stonehouse, Glos GL10 7RG - both these from David Bolton's Letterpress Alive website.

Regards to all  --  jeffo



well, I didn't think about type height ... Jeff's right, my calculator transfers our standard height of 62 2/3 Didot points to 0.928".

ugh, who gave me this dictator-avatar???

have to change it some time soon :D

Dave Hughes

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then try:

absolutely lovely game ... I did the free demo and then bought the rest ... definitely worth the money!
(ok, this doesnt belong here. I'll stop spamming ;) )

Dave Hughes

Don't worry about the "spamming" - does look a good game!  :)
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Dan Williams

I can set his type right now...too bad there is an ocean in between  :(

Jeffo is two steps ahead regarding those UK sites shown.

Suppose I will provide some actual value to the discussion by suggesting that the "client" consider whether he prefers single typesetting versus slug setting. My impression was that monocasting was more prevalent in the UK than the states, and that monotype use among the remaining remnants of the industry might still exist.

Slug is easier to print from than single types, in my humble opinion. You can add leading by casting onto thicker slug body.

On the other hand, purists may say that single types look better, or say that hand type leaves a truer impression. Monotype metal is also a different formulation, is harder and can handle substantially longer runs with less wear.

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