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Johannes Gutenberg

Started by printsmurf, November 06, 2022, 03:11:02 PM

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1993 1 Pa´anga

Obverse: Kingdom of Tonga - Tonga Wappen. Reverse: Johannes Gutenberg, Druckerpresse, Papierstapel (1400-1468)


1000 Francs CFA - Benin  Johannes Gutenberg    1999

500 Francs CFA  2005


Gutenberg Mainz, Germany, Silver Medal 1840, Gutenberg Printing Press 400th Anniversary.

Around the Gutenberg monument in Mainz by Thorwaldsen: "DISSIMVLARE · VIRVM · HVNC · DISSIMVLARE · DEVM · EST"/ Around Gorgoneion on shield: "ARTE · SVA · LITERAS · AVXIT IN · MEMOR · SECVLAR · TYPOGRPHIAE · MDCCCXL".

That is the last of the 'lost posts'.


In the 1970s and 1980s, a New Zealander named Bruce Grenville began a hoax, claiming to have founded the Sultanate of Occussi-Ambeno. He invented a history for the Sultinate and produced many cinderella stamps for his creation. On 13 October 1977 he produced these stamps to mark the 600th anniversary of the birth of Gutenberg.

190 30¢ Violet & red

191 75¢ Yellow & blue

192 $1.35 Brown & red

193 $3 Silver & light blue


Gutenberg Mainz, Germany, Silver Medal 1840, Gutenberg Printing Press 400th Anniversary,


1900, Nurnberg (City). "500th Birthday of Johannes Gutenberg" Medal.

Obverse: Draped and caped bust of Johannes Gutenberg 3/4 right. Legend:  JOHANNES GUTENBERG * MCCCC-MDCCCC *
Reverse: Three coat-of-arms (German Empire above / Nurnberg below), bound together with a band, above date (1900). Legend: * Z. 500 JÄHR. GEBURTSFEIER GUTENBERG'S * D.NÜRNBERGER BUCHDRUCKER * Translated:  "For the 500th Birthday Jubilee of Gutenberg, the book printer of Nurnberg."


10 Mark coin from the German Democratic Republic in 1968 for the 500th anniversary of the death of Johann Gutenberg


In the early 1930s, Swiss firm Chocolat Tobler edited a series of loose sheets which included stamps and biographies of famous men and women from ancient times to recent. 

Here is the Gutenberg card


Issued on 11 November 1968    5 Mark (500th death year printer Johannes Gutenberg)

Front: Emblem (eagle looking left)
above (value) 5 between (year) 19 and 68
(bottom, currency between spacers/dots) •DEUTSCHE MARK•
mint mark (inside 5) G (Karlsruhe)

Back: Johannes Gutenberg
* c. 1395 Mainz, Electorate of Mainz Holy Roman Empire
† February 3, 1468 (aged 73) Mainz, Electorate of
Mainz, Holy Roman Empire
legend: (name, left) JOHANNES (right) GUTENBERG •
(bottom-right, death year) +1468

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