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Trade cards, Cigarette cards, Stickers etc

Started by printsmurf, January 24, 2023, 10:53:13 AM

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Printle: A Printing Word Game from Metal Type


Reicherdt, depicted in monastic dress with a buttoned jacket and collar and a wig, is standing behind a table with his left hand tucked into his jacket and his right hand resting on a handwritten letter. The background is occupied by a printing press on the right and a type case for the printing type on the left.

Above the portrait:   Augustin Christoph Reicherdt was a citizen and a relative of a printer here. After he had made several humble requests in view of bad times and circumstances with the knowledge of his wife, he was also graciously taken into the brother's house on Judica Sunday, which was April 4, 1756, in consideration of his praiseworthy behavior, at the age of 51.

Below the portrait:   The aforementioned brother was a quiet, pious man and always provided useful services to the monastery. A few years before his death he was increasingly ill and finally died of starvation in his 70th year, on January 25, 1776, and was then buried on the 30th of August in St. John's churchyard, after he had enjoyed the beneficence of the foundation at the age of 20.


The brother, dressed in a monastic habit with a buttoned jacket and a collar, is standing in front of a table and using a compass to mark out a line on a round disk. To the right is a tall book press, and next to it are finished sheets of paper.

Above the portrait:   Heinrich Wilhelm Schmid, a relative of the printing business, was made a brother on August 2nd, 1761, on the 11th Sunday after Trinity, in his 65th year, at his humble request and in view of his quiet and good life.

Below the portrait:   This brother was a hardworking and pious man. He lived in this brother's house for 15 years, and before his death suffered a stroke of some kind, from which he died peacefully on April 19th, 1776, in his 80th year, and was buried on the 23rd of August in a brother's grave in St. John's churchyard.


Apt, depicted in monastic habit with a buttoned jacket and collar, has tucked his left hand into his jacket. Behind him on the table lies a stack of unbound documents.

Above the portrait:      Leonhard Apt, a relative of the printing business, still single, was admitted to the monastery as a brother in his 46th year on April 29th, 1764, on Sunday Quasimod(o genitis infantes), at his own request, because of his always well-led lifestyle.

Below the portrait:   The above-named brother was struck down with consumption some time before his death, as a result of which he could no longer carry out his profession, which he continued tirelessly, as he would have liked. He proved himself to be generally willing and helpful during his eight years in this brotherhood. His death occurred suddenly and unexpectedly on April 16th. August 1771 at the age of just over 52 years, whereupon he was then laid to rest in a Christian manner on August 20th in the brothers' grave in St. Johan(n)is churchyard. 


Kleining is wearing a monastic habit, a buttoned jacket and a collar, his right hand is tucked into his jacket. I

Above the portrait:   Johann Caspar Kleining, citizen and printer in the Felsecke office here, was admitted to this foundation as a brother at his most humble request on 1st Trinity Sunday 6th June 1779 in his 66th year of age.

Below the portrait:   This above-named brother was unable to live there and therefore asked for his release and received it again after deducting 20 (guilders) from the funeral money brought in, on 5th August 1779.n his left hand he is holding a bookmark with an initial, probably a "K" - for Kleining.


The brother wears a buttoned jacket, coat, wig and collar. In his left hand he holds gloves, his right hand rests on an open book. It shows the crucified Christ with the handwritten inscription: Jesus Amor meus est Cruzifixus. At the top right is a coat of arms, the imperial double-headed eagle.

Above the portrait:  On April 26, 1719, Johann Köching, citizen and printer's relative, was admitted to this monastery at the age of 71, as a brother.

Among them:
Died (Monday) February 2, 1722, early after one of the great o'clock, a long death. God have mercy on him.

On the book:
Jesus Amor meus est cruzifixus J(ohann) K(öching) US


Müller is wearing a dark jacket, white shirt and a collar. He is sitting at the table with his hand on a printed page. A coat of arms with the imperial double-headed eagle appears at the top right.

Above the portrait:   In the year 1733, on the 7th of October, [Pa]ulus Nicolaus Müller, citizen and printer-relative, was adopted and adopted as a brother in his 60th year.

Among them:
Died on the 5th of October 1741 on the Fürter Land-Strasse. May God have mercy on him.


The brother is wearing a blue coat and a collar, and is holding a lead type in his right hand. There is a type case in the background on the left.

Above the portrait:  Johann Michael Schädlich, a 59-year-old printer, was admitted to the monastery on March 5, 1793, in place of the deceased Johan(n) Leonhard Seibold.


Bookbinders feature as well as printers -

Landawer is standing at the drawer and is handling a book that has been bound in leather. Another book, bound in blue, is lying ready on the drawer, and a third is clamped into a frame. Inside, there are two books on the wall shelf.

Above the image:  Hanns Landawer bookbinder came to Inns brotherhood on the 30th day of January and died there on the 15th day of August 1532.


Florer sits at his work table in a red jacket, white shirt with rolled-up sleeves and a cape and binds a book block into a cover. He is in the process of nailing a book clasp. Various utensils are ready for this: another hammer, an awl, nails, book clasps and a bowl with glue water and a brush. On the storage table below the window, two books are fixed in a stretcher frame, and other books are weighed down by a weight. Various tools for working with wood and paper, such as chisels and awls, are in the wall bracket. In the background on the left is a large chest.

Above the image:   
On April 24th, 1614, Nicasius Florer, bookbinder, was admitted to the 12th brotherhood and was 77 years old

He passed away on November 28th, 1617, in God's blessedness and was buried by his children and laid under his stone. He was 80 years old and had been in the brotherhood for 3 years.


Haß stands at the table in a buttoned jacket and collar and holds a leather-bound book in his hands.

On March 8, 1696, Johann Georg Haß, citizen and bookbinder, was accepted into this foundation because of his praiseworthy conduct and good reputation. He was 68 years old.

He died on February 13, a quarter to eight o'clock, the older one, in the night of August 1701, in his 73rd year, and was buried honestly on February 15, in St. John's churchyard under his daughter's grave. May God grant him a peaceful rest and a happy resurrection. 


The brother, depicted in a buttoned jacket and collar, stands in a wall or window niche viewed from the outside, and points with his left hand to a book held in his right. The round-arched niche is framed by a pilaster-like architecture. 

Master Bernhart Brinckmann, citizen and bookbinder, was accepted and admitted as a brother into this foundation on March 15, 1705, at the age of 78, because of his good and honest conduct.

In the year 1708, he was stricken with dropsy, which he suffered from for about half a year; until finally, on the night between Maundy Thursday and Charity Day, or between March 28 and 29, a quarter past 6 a.m. or a quarter to 1 p.m., in the year of Christ 1709, at the age of 82 and as a brother of this foundation in his 5th year, he died a peaceful and blessed death. And his body was Christianly buried on April 2, the third day of Easter, in St. John's Churchyard under his own gravestone. May God grant him a gentle rest, and on the last day a blessed resurrection to eternal life!


Droschel, depicted in a buttoned jacket and a collar, stands behind a table and points with his right finger to the open book, a reference to his profession.

Above the portrait:   Johan(n) Michael Droschel Burger, bookbinder and case maker, was accepted and received as a brother into this foundation on October 27th, 1737 at the age of 73 because of his approaching age and at the urgent request of his friends.

Below the portrait:   This brother had the grace to enjoy this foundation for no longer than 22 weeks, as he came to the foundation with a sickly and oppressive body, which is why he ended his life gently and blessedly on March 20th, 1738 after a 9-day camp and was then laid to rest in his own grave in St. John's Churchyard. May God grant him a joyful resurrection. 


Merckel sits at his work table and strokes a sheet of paper with a folder. A stack of paper to be processed lies on the left of the table, the already folded paper on the right. In the background, on the wall shelf, lie two large, painted boxes or cassettes with the letters "AA" and a book lying at an angle. Equipment for bookbinding is not shown.

In the year 1685, on January 24th, Hannß Merckel, bookbinder, was accepted into this Twelve Brothers Foundation. He was 70 years old. He was a hardworking little man, but eventually became childish and forgotten. He didn't lie there long and died early on Saturday, July 5th, in the year 1690, God's mercy.


Treu is wearing a buttoned jacket and a collar; he is standing at a table with his hand on a stapler in which several layers of paper are clamped to be bound. On the floor below there is a clamping frame and a trimming plane for trimming the book block.


In the year 1722, on the 20th of February (Friday), Heinrich Treu, citizen and bookbinder, was admitted to this foundation, in his 60th year of age. Died as master regul in the monastery on the 24th of May in the year 1733, in his 71st year, may God bless him.


Glaser is standing in the room, wearing a buttoned jacket, blue coat and collar, and holding a stretcher frame. A filing cabinet can be seen in the background.

Above the portrait:   In the year 1753, on December 24th, on Christmas Eve, Leonhard Glaser, a local bookbinder and cantor at St. Clara, 57 years old, was accepted as a brother in place of the late Burckh(ard) Büttner.

Below the portrait:   + 1760th March 3rd. He was an unbearable man addicted to brandy drinking.

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