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Funny Caption Time!

Started by Dave Hughes, July 25, 2006, 02:32:28 AM

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Printle: A Printing Word Game from Metal Type

Dave Hughes

There's got to be plenty of scope here!

I'm still thinking of one, but please reply with your amusing caption for this picture:
Printle: Word Puzzle for Printers Play Now

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Ken Smith

You will not be able to check the register under that light, the bulb has just blown!.


Looks perfect to me ...
ok, George, do another 10´000 of these.
Say ... can I collect them in about an hour?

Jeff Zilles [jeffo]

Q:  How many Irish printers does it take to run a business card ?

A:  Four !!
        One to feed the press
        One to monitor quality control
        One to answer the phone and thus avoid interruptions
        One to go to the pub at the corner for a jug of beer

Dan Williams

Hells Bells
He's punched clear through this one too,
does he think he's printing on wood?



             Is that a hanging chad ?

Dave Hughes

Edith had decided. Eric was the one for her. The forged tickets for that afternoon's tea dance were darn near perfect.

Meanwhile, Cuthbert's efforts to tattoo his private parts using the letterpress process, whilst at first intriguing, now seemed to be bordering on the obsessional.-
Printle: Word Puzzle for Printers Play Now

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Jeff Zilles [jeffo]

Tough one this - It had me fooled for ages until I spotted the rope stretched across the front of the scene then I realised that the whole thing is part of an incomplete tableau at Madame Tussaud's depicting the lead-up to the explosion scene in the unreleased Peter Rogers film "Carry On Printer" or"You're not my Type" or 'The man who was Inter Linos" or "Pi, Pi Butterfingers".

The rope, made from a silvery Lurex type material, was to deter would be letterpresstidigitators from nicking the handset type from the exhibit for souveniers.

This was one of the two 'Carry On' movies to feature Phil Silvers [Sgt Bilko] - the other being "Carry On - Follow that Camel" - who is the figure at the left pretending to work the platen whilst the other two figures are the stand-ins for Charles Hawtrey and one-time guest star Julie Andrews just before the whole set blew up due to an unforseen prop misfunction where a live light globe dropped on an all magnesium block [cut] and mount.

Nobody was injured except for some seared eyebrows and the need for all concerned to change underwear.

The event sparked such Union trouble, because Mr. Silvers did not belong to an acredited chapter, that the whole project had to be abandoned.

A suitable caption for the photograph then could be "Look for Phil Silvers line in" -  corny and long-winded but that's life !


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