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Miehle V50x

Started by J_Fitz, September 02, 2006, 04:05:20 AM

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I just received a Miehle v50x press. I cannot read the electrial requirements on the connector box. Any one know how to wire one of these up????
Please help!!!

Dan Williams

Probably best to get an electrician.
My having said that and occasionally ignoring that axiom I will now offer the following. Whats available in your box? 220, 440, three phase or just two leads, 220 between?
Whats on the machine?Three or single phase? 440, 220 or 120? 60 HZ? (okay, the actual parameters vary according to continent- I do not have good feel for or experience with the tolerance of varying off voltage or cycle - maybe 15%?) The motor should be clearly labelled and unless there is a transformer or converter between the main box and the motor, the labelled voltage is probably what it is intended for. Your main box will either have four wires (for three phase 220 or 440 & one neutral) three wires (two legs for 220 or 440 volt between and 110 or 220 to neutral) or two wires (220 or 110 to neutral). Throw another wire in for ground (this is for equipment grounding unlike the neutral which is a current return for single phase and maybe even center pole for  three phase?). Of course actual voltage and supply characteristic are likely to vary from region to region. Prospects of connecting it up directly are good, assuming that the previous owner didn't dismantle the motor control. I like it when they cut the conduit and wire at the supply - makes it easier. The likelihood of DC conversion, transformers and complex interconnecting speed controls is not likely on a smaller press like this. The family's old Miller letterpress had several boxes separately controlling the main press motor and the vacuum and delivery drive and I would not have messed with that. An old Monotype caster that we had actually featured a DC rectifier and a DC drive with four leads. Figure that out :P
If it were me, I would wire it up to power according to the labelled motor or control panel voltage (with your supply circuit confirmed OFF, OPEN & KAPUT), toss some seven to ten amp fuses in and stand back.
Obviously, one cannot connect a 220 motor to a 440 system, DC to AC, or three phase to single phase, without some intermediate converter, transformer or some other engineered gadget.
Fuses and disconnect on each incoming lead, but NEVER on a neutral or ground.
Yeah,  best to get an electrician.

Jeff Zilles [jeffo]

Dan's advice is sound, as usual -- if you should ever have the slightest doubt about your ability to cope with an electrical wire-up situation then get the advice of an electrical contractor whom you believe to have experience in plant installation and maintenance.

Such a fellow may cost a few shekels but his skill in assessing the situation presented by a second-or-third-or-lots-more-hand machine with it's wired in local idiocyncracies is well worth it.

The machine will go - in the right direction - and you need not be wary of getting a 'bite' from touching stationary metal when the power is on.

So if you know how to do it and can do it confidently, safely and effectively yourself then do it   --  but if there is the tinyest spark of doubt - from either a legal or a proficiency point of veiw - GET AN ELECTRICIAN !!


Ted Lavin

Hello All,
we have 4 v-50 running.
two in reserve.
1) check the motor ID plate for voltage
2) remove belts (drive belt & pump belt DO NOT want pumps running backwards)
3) wire it up to determine motor rotation
This will get you going
PS I have Manuals from DeLuxe Check Printers that are worth their weight in gold for making adjustments to these
beautiful machines (Literally hand built and finished like a Roll-Royce) I have scanned them and can send a flash drive.

Ted Lavin
Artificer Press

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