Welcome to Metal Type

METAL TYPE is the place for printers, typesetters and newspaper workers, who fondly remember those letterpress days, to come and reminisce.

The site originally concentrated on the ingenious Linotype mechanical typesetting machine invented by Ottmar Mergenthaler in 1884 which remained the mainstay of newspaper production for almost a century.

Linecasters still feature strongly on the site, but over the years the site has expanded to cover all aspects of printing trade nostalgia.

Much of the content is unique to this site, having being submitted by site users over the years.

There are pictures of workplaces and people, videos of machines working, pictures of rare and old machines, stories from the old days, poems, limericks, etc.

Have a sift through the categories, or try a search, there is a vast amount of stuff.

Visit the Free Ads page if you are looking for equipment, or have some to sell. Placing an advert is free, and easy.

If you would like to submit some material to the site, or contact me about anything else, please use this form.

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