In Memoriam

Many Thanks to Mike Wilson, from Yorkshire in the UK, for sending in this story.

Says Mike: “One day, late in my career, I was production manager at Driffield Times. I now realise that I was not a very able manager, much preferring to be a keyboard operator. Read the Full Article . . .

Booing Advised

Many thanks to Mike Wilson, from Yorkshire in the UK, for sending in this story.

Says Mike: “After I had officially retired, I occasionally typeset material for local printers as I had a Macintosh computer at home. Read the Full Article . . .

Pressed Letters Printing, Australia – Video

William Amer sent in this video of his letterpress print shop, that was selected for the Sydney Film Festival, 2015.

Says William: “My claim to fame is that since 2009, there is finally a printer in the heritage village of Rockley, mid west NSW. And it is a Yorkshire born tradesman that’s done it. My wife’s historical research tells us that I am the only one, ever! Read the Full Article . . .

Austrian Type Height

Many thanks to George Hamilton from Vienna, Austria for sending in this story.

I WAS in Bad Ischl (Austria) a week ago, sought out an antiquarian bookstore for anything on printing and was told by the prop that there was nothing, but on the way out I looked down and under a stack of stuff there was a case of what appeared to be wood type. Read the Full Article . . .

Preservation in NZ

Terry Foster
Terry Foster operates a 1956 Intertype at the Taranaki Aviation Transport and Technology Museum.

Terry Foster, a long time contributor to Metal Type, describes the uphill struggle he faces trying to get public backing for preserving letterpress machinery in New Zealand.

While the recent increase in public interest in letterpress printing is welcome, it would seem to be centered around the “craft and artisan” areas, not so much larger, more industrial equipment. Read the Full Article . . .