Yorkshire Evening Press, 125 Years

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In October 2007 the Yorkshire Evening Press, based in York in the UK, celebrated 125 years of production by delving into their archives and publishing a special souvenir supplement.

Here Metal Type brings you the hot metal highlights!

Linecasters on lorries
Linecasters are put onto lorries in October 1986 outside the Evening Press’s office in Coney Street, York. The Press’s trio of mechanics are in attendance.
Goss press
The paper’s Goss press in action in Coney Street, probably 1970s or 80s.
The stone
Working on the stone, probably 1970s. Sub-Editor on the left, comp on the right. In the background a couple of Ludlows and an Elrod (no my eyes aren’t that good, I knew they were there!)
Freddy Hill
Freddy Hill puts the finishing touches to the feature pages – probably 1970s or 80s.
Stereo plate
A hot stereo plate coming off the caster, 1970s
Early press
An early web press, photo probably dating from 1900-1920. A boy seems to be part of the press crew!
Early linotypes
Again, probably taken in the 1900-1920 period, some early-looking Linotypes.
Stereo department
Probably the same vintage as the previous two pictures, an early stereotype department.

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