Airedale Products, Halifax

In January 2002 I was invited by David Evans to look round the company where he works. They have 6 or so Intertype C4s which are mainly used to produce people’s names on slugs. The slugs are then used to personalise pencils, pencil cases, bookmarks, etc. with gold blocking.

Intertype C4
David Evans at work on an Intertype C4.
Intertype C4sm
An Intertype C4 with side magazines.
Intertype makers plate
Makers plate from an Intertype C4.
Intertype C4
An Intertype C4 with mats on the bar light at the top.
Intertype makers plate
Makers plate from the older machine.
Row of Intertypes
Some of the C4s at Airedale Products.
Intertype C4
Another Intertype C4.

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