Brighton Argus (UK) 1973 – video

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The film starts with a look at Brighton sea front and other towns in the Brighton Argus circulation area, accompanied by the obligatory cheesy music recorded on a very stretchy tape.

We then take a quick look at a management meeting before going to the news desk. Here we see the reporters at work on their typewriters, some very impressively typing while holding a lit cigarette!

Then on to the wire room where we see the teleprinters and photographs being received over phone lines.

Next we see the sub-editors desks before the copy is sent by a conveyor to the composing room.

In the composing room we start with an overview of how the linecasters work, followed by setting headlines on the Ludlow.

Tele ad “girls”

In the advertising department we see tele-ad “girls” typing out copy while on the phone. There is another conveyor taking the copy to the composing room.

A quick look at the artists before going into the production process for producing a halftone block.

From there we go to the stone where we see full pages being made up.

The page then goes to a “mangle” where we see a flong being made. Then we go to the stereo department where we see a plate being cast and finished before being put on a conveyor for transport to the press room.

We then see the last plate being secured before the press is started up. We see a “fudge box” being added, for some “stop press” news.

The film ends with the despatch department and papers being loaded onto vans.

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  1. The mold that the plates are cast from is made from flong but once made is referred to as a mold. In the film the flong is pushed into the forme under a press not a mangle

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