Brighton Argus (UK) 1990 – video

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We start with a look at the county of Sussex, which the newspaper serves.

On to the Evening Argus building in Brighton where we see Press Association news reports being received on a VDU.

We see journalists at work in the field, with one taking shorthand notes. We also see the photographers out taking pictures.

On to the Sports Desk where we see journalists at work on VDUs. Then short interviews with the editor, the environment reporter who tells us about a scheme to replace trees blown down in the 1987 gale, and the editor of the “Argos Woman” supplement.

We see pages being “pasted up” from bromide photographic output.

Then we take a look at an advertising rep visiting a business to sell advertising, then on to the art studio where the adverts are designed.

Tele ad operatives are seen taking classified advertising over the phone, and inputting to VDUs. We see a huge computer that operates the photosetter, which produces output on bromide paper.

Polymer Plates

We see the Pagemaster camera producing full page negatives. These negatives are then sent to a Letterplex machine to produce polymer letterpress plates.

We then move to the machine room where we see a plate being put on the press and reels moved about. The press, which can produce 40,000 papers per hour is seen running.

From there to the despatch department, where we see the papers being bundled up an put onto vans. After an explanation of the various newspaper editions we move to the accounts department, then the promotions department.

We take a look at the various “free sheets” that the Argus produced, and then a look at the Pearson Group’s operations (of which the Brighton Argus is a part).

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