Intertype Stick Attachment

This article appeared in “Operation and Mechanism of the Linotype and Intertype, Volume II” by J Ashworth, published in 1955.

Intertype stick
Using the Intertype stick attachment – setting large display lines from the matrix cabinet.

The Intertype composing stick attachment includes a special setting stick, similar to a composing stick, for easy hand assembling of lines of matrixes and spacebands, and a special hinged first elevator head for quick insertion and withdrawal of hand-set matrix and spaceband lines.

Matrixes and spacebands in the setting stick
Matrixes and spacebands in the setting stick
Intertype casting
The hinged elevator head opened to allow sliding insertion of the composed line.

In this way occasional lines of display and other kinds of composition can be set quickly, easily, and without moving or replacing magazines.

Any standard line-composing machine matrices can be used, as well as matrices which are available in sizes beyond keyboard range. The composing stick attachment provides slug composition in all sizes up to full-width 60-point caps.

Display slug
Delivery of the extra-large display slug. After casting, the hand-set matrices and spacebands are returned to their cabinet

Mechanical advantages include: 1, Spaceband justification; 2, full-base slugs which require no underpinning, hence fewer slugs to handle and easier make-up; and 3, the convenience and economy of 30- or 42-em slugs for setting wide display lines with a minimum of piecing.

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