Linotype models 29 & 30


Linotype Model 30
MODELS 29 AND 30 are the successors in the mixing-machine field to Models 25 and 26.

Carrying up to four main magazines – and on the Model 30, as many as four auxiliary magazines also – they afford continuous mixed composition from, and continuous distribution to, adjacent pairs of magazines.

These models are used particularly for two kinds of composition. First, that requiring frequent changes of faces even though they are not mixed in the same line.

In such work, the continuous distribution feature allows the operator to change to the adjacent magazine of the pair in use without waiting for the last line to distribute – thus speeding-up production.

Second, composition requiring assembly in one line of characters from more than one magazine; such as catalog and encyclopedia listings calling for roman, bold, small caps, italic, bold italic, and perhaps even accents and special characters.

The design and equipment of Models 29 and 30 require that they have a mechanism for raising and lowering both the main and auxiliary magazines to and from operative positions.

That mechanism is the same “one-turn shift” which is employed on the single distributor Models 31 and 32, and originally developed for the Blue Streak Models 8 and 14.

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