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Welcome to the Library. Here you’ll find documents, instruction manuals, etc. available to download. Click on a document’s heading or the image to start the download. Most of the documents are PDF files, approx. file sizes are given.

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Specimen Book of Monotype Printing Types

Over 600 pages of Monotype type samples, with matrix information, etc. Warning: Large download approx 800MB.

Monotype Super Caster Manual

Published by The National Committee of Monotype Users Associations in association with the Monotype Corporation. 185 pages, many illustrations. 54MB.

Monotype Super Caster Instruction Book

Over 130 pages with lots of illustrations. Published by Monotype. 66MB.

Monotype Super Caster Product Change Over Procedure

44 large illustrated pages explaining how to produce lead rules, display type, sorts, furniture, etc. Published by Monotype. 20MB.

1900 Monotype Caster Patent Application

Very detailed and beautifully illustrated patent application for the Monotype Casting machine. (51 MB).

1900 Monotype Keyboard/Perforator Patent Application

Detailed and illustrated patent application for the Monotype keyboard and perforator. (26 MB).

Super Caster Lead and Rule Mould Instructions

Detailed instructions for use of the Monotype Super Caster lead and rule moulds. (1.5 MB).

Monotype Unit Arrangements

Technical data for Monotype unit arrangements. (3.5 MB).

Monotype 1897-1937

Menu and programme of a dinner to celebrate Monotype’s 40th Birthday. (4 MB).

Monophoto Filmsetter Instructions

Instructions for the Mk. 5 Mono Photo system (and previous versions). (98 MB).

Monotype Nozzles

Illustrations and descriptions of various Monotype caster nozzles. (2.5 MB).

Studio Lettering Machine Mk.3 Service Manual

Service manual for this early filmsetting machine. (23 MB).

Programming Notes for Monotype Composing Machines

Very rare publication detailing all the mathematics behind the Monotype system (15MB).

1905 Monotype Caster Instruction Manual

Just over 100 pages, illustrated. (79MB).

1952 Monotype Composition Caster Instruction Manual

Just over 300 pages, illustrated. (71MB).

1949 Monotype Display Machine Instruction Manual

32 pages, illustrated. (77MB).

Spare Parts List for Monotype Super Caster

Just over 100 pages, lots of illustrations. (59MB).

Spare Parts List for Composition and Type and Rule Casters

Almost 100 pages, illustrated. (95MB).

Spare Parts List for Monotype Standard and Duplex Keyboard

Just over 100 pages, illustrated. (65MB).

The Monotype System, 1916

Over 200 pages, many illustrations. (142MB).

Monotype Picture Book, Composing and Casting

Nice promotional brochure, 38 pages (67MB).

Adjustments of the Giant Caster

Approximately 100 pages, illustrated. (69MB).

Monotype Keyboard Explanations and Diagrams

Approx 30 pages, illustrated. (16MB).

Adjustments of the Type and Rule Caster

1926, Just over 80 pages, illustrated. (39MB).

Press Instructions

Thompson British Installation & Operator’s Manual

A nice, clean 17-page document with a couple of illustrations in PDF format (464KB. Sent in by Andy Taylor of AJT Typesetting and Printing. Click the heading to start the download.

Thompson Instruction Manual

The Thompson Automatic (British version) Instruction and Operator’s Manual, including maintenance, in PDF format. Sent in by Andy Taylor of AJT Typesetting and Printing. 36 Pages (644KB).

Thompson British Automatic Platen List of Parts

53 pages, with lots of illustrations in PDF format. Sent in by Andy Taylor of AJT Typesetting and Printing. (8.5MB).

Miehle V50 Vertical Instruction Book

37 pages, lots of illustrations. Sections on installation, operation, maintenance and troubleshooting in PDF format (11.3MB).

Miehle Vertical Press Catalogue of Parts

Every part of the press, both American and English versions, illustrated and catalogued. 37 pages in PDF format (8.39MB).

Printomatic Stop Cylinder Press

A 55-page document, with many illustrations, wiring diagrams, etc. Not as clean as the Thompson manual, made from scans of the original document. Sent in by Andy Taylor of AJT Typesetting and Printing. PDF format (1.9MB).

Multigraph Printer Instruction Manual

Online instruction book for Multilith Printers can be found at here:



Taking Care of Your Intertype

Searchable PDF giving detailed instructions on maintaining an Intertype, including oiling diagrams. Sent in by John Nixon. (3 MB).

Thompson Typecaster Instruction Manual

Nice 40-page instruction booklet for this machine, signed by Sem Hartz. (8 MB).

Intertype Instruction Manual (1929)

“The Intertype, Its Function, Care, Operation and Adjustment”, by MacD Sinclair, with the collaboration of the engineering staff of the Intertype Corporation. From the collection of the Prelinger Library. All 450 pages. (58MB PDF).

Align-A-Mat Instructions (Fisk Industries)

8-page instruction book for this Linotype/Intertype matrix repair tool. (1.05MB PDF).

Linotype Line c1960 Advertising Brochure

Interesting document, published by Linotype probably around 1960, advertising their current range of machines. Includes Comet, Meteor Model 5, Blue Streak Model 29, New Model 31, The Linofilm System, Model 33 and 34, Model 35 and 36. 14 (double) pages. (22.3MB PDF).

Erection Procedure for Blue Streak Model 5 Linotype

Detailed instructions on how to erect this machine, with floor plan. 17 pages. (20.9MB PDF).

Intertype Ready-Reckoner

An easy copy-fitting method. The character count method. 23 pages. (8.99MB PDF).

Intertype Matrix Identification

Numerical listing of type faces by font numbers. 40 pages. (28.4MB PDF).

Erection Prodedure for Model 31 Linotype

35 pages, published by Linotype, explaining how to erect a Model 31 Blue Streak Linotype after delivery in boxes from the factory. Sent in by David MacMillan. (23.9MB PDF).

Model M Ludlow Instructions and Parts List

55 pages, illustations, maintenance, adjustments, wiring diagrams and parts list in PDF format. Sent in by David MacMillan. (9.4MB).

Ludlow Model M Brochure, c.1960s

Nice advertising brochure, with many illustrations, sent in by David MacMillan. (3.33MB PDF).

Ruleform Composition with the Ludlow

Illustrated 6-page brochure showing the advantages of using Ludlow Ruleform matrices, sent in by David MacMillan. (2.05MB).

Ludlow Self-Centering Stick Instructions

A single, fairly high-resolution stick-sized JPEG, detailing how to use the Ludlow self-centering composition stick, sent in by David MacMillan. (324KB JPG).

Useful Matrix Information

Published by the Linotype Corporation in 1937. Useful information, including notches, tooth combinations, face identification numbers, suggested font schemes, accented characters, keyboard diagrams, All-Purpose Linotype matrix information, typographic refinements, etc. PDF format. Sent in by Andy Taylor of AJT Typesetting and Printing. (3.41MB).

The New Linotype

An 8-page document, probably from the early 1900s, extolling the virtues of the new Linotype over the previous “Blower” machines. Sent in by Andy Taylor of AJT Typesetting and Printing. PDF format (273KB).

Ludlow Supersurfacer

Instructions and parts list, 17 pages, with some illustrations. PDF format (544KB).

Monotype Model D Keyboard Instructions

French Language. Operator’s instruction manual. 110 pages. PDF format (9.18MB).

Interype Quadder

12-page advertising brochure for the Intertype Quadder, with some nice illustrations. PDF format (2.74MB).

The Intertype Autospacer

Functions, care, operation and adjustment. 24 pages, illustrated. PDF format (555KB).

Typofix Type Caster

A four page instruction manual in PDF format (264KB).

Shaffstall Transistor Mat Detector

72-page instruction manual and fault-finding guide, with illustrations for this device that was used on high-speed tape-operated linecasters. PDF format (21.9MB). The Patent Application for this device is also available to download. PDF format, 10 pages (2.6MB).


Cobb Shinn Examples

Retro Advertising Artwork by Cobb Shinn

A collection of superb 1950s advertising illustrations, free to download. Click the heading to be taken to a page with further details.

Typograph Parts (German)

A German language book listing the parts of a Typograph machine. (39 MB).

Printing Metals (1972)

The 1972 edition of Fry’s authoritative book on type alloys. (36 MB).

John Baskerville (1926)

Specimen book of John Baskerville’s Printing Letter. (10 MB).

Book Impositions, 1962

British Printing Industries Federation booklet. PDF format (5MB).

Margach Automatic Metal Feeder Instructions

6-page illustrated instruction manual for this universal metal feeder used on many machines. PDF format (14.9MB).

Printing Machinery Logos

Chandler and Price and Linotype company logos – high quality artwork to download. ZIP file (1.1MB).

Elrod Model K Instruction Manual

Instruction manual with parts list and wiring diagram. 53 pages. Sent in by Andy Taylor of AJT Typesetting and Printing. PDF format (3.47MB).

Elrod Model E & F Instruction Manual (No.8)

Instruction manual with parts list, number 8 (revised) edition. 169 pages, with illustrations. Sent in by Andy Taylor of AJT Typesetting and Printing. PDF format (9.54MB).

Elrod Model E & F Instruction Manual

Instruction manual with parts list, includes trouble-shooting guide. 97 pages, with illustrations. Sent in by Andy Taylor of AJT Typesetting and Printing. PDF format (5.65MB).

Elrod Model DS Parts List

Parts list, with three illustrations. Sent in by David M MacMilan. PDF format (2.05MB).

Cromwell Makeready Manual

Makeready details and techniques, 32-page illustrated booklet from the Cromwell Paper Company. PDF format (3.25MB).

How to Make a Printer’s Hat

A nice 1-page diagram and instructions on how to make a pressman’s hat from a sheet of newspaper, produced by Ayre & Spottiswoode Ltd., Her Majesty’s Printers. PDF format (642KB).

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