Galley Gab

Mike O’Connor, Secretary of the Amalgamated Printers Association, published 12 issues of this excellent, full-colour PDF magazine in 2007. Here, with Mike’s permission, are all 12 issues, available to browse and download individually or you can get all 12 issues as a Zip file (11.9 MB).

Click on the headings below to browse or download individual issues which vary in size from 0.7 to 2.2 MB.

January 2007 Galley Gab

Includes: Press Dwell, Aid or Myth? Emerson Wulling’s Typography.

February 2007 Galley Gab

Includes: The Passion Never Died; See Goudy on Film; From Thought to Typeface, Part 1.

March 2007 Galley Gab

Includes: Teaching Letterpress; From Thought to Typeface, Part 2; Where’s Our Stuff Going? First Letterpress Effort: A Chapbook.

April 2007 Galley Gab

Includes: What does the Future Hold for Used Letterpress Equipment? From Thought to Typeface, Part 3; The Type Table; All About Debossing.

May 2007 Galley Gab

Includes: The Why and How of Printing Matchbooks; Memories of Will Bradley; Letterpress Mon Amour; Is Ebay Good or Bad for Letterpress; A Brief History of Kelsey & Co.

June 2007 Galley Gab

Includes: Making Your Own Photopolymer Plates; Guerilla Wheatpaste Artists; Printing the 2007 APA Membership Directory.

July 2007 Galley Gab

Includes: Ink: It’s Not All Black and White; Lockup: Anything Goes! More on Polymer Plates; A Visit to the State Capital Printing Museum.

August 2007 Galley Gab

Includes: Letterpress Collection at the Smithsonian; Plaster of Paris Lockup; Albion Press; Print Shop in a Box; LA Type – Winning the War.

September 2007 Galley Gab

Includes: Interview with Gerald Lange; Common Press Restored; Thoughts on Making Paper; Thoughts on Creating and Printing a Poster.

October 2007 Galley Gab

Includes: Common Vandercook Operator Errors; The Future of Metal Type (not this site!) Monotype U’s Last Class? Great Northern Printers Fair.

November 2007 Galley Gab

Includes: Letterpressing? No, it’s Steamrolling! All Aboard with Boxcar Press; Richard J Hoffman – When a Printer Plays.

December 2007 Galley Gab

Includes: The Invention of the Platen Job Press; Resurrection of a Reliance; Sky Shipley’s Thompson Tech II.

Get All 12 Issues

Click the heading to download all 12 issues of Galley Gab in an 11.9 MB zip file.

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