Printing Advice from Phil Ambrosi

A COLLECTION of letterpress printing advice from a man uniquely positioned to give it, Phil Ambrosi who ran Ambrosi Printers in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.

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Ambrosi Printers
Ambrosi Printers, 1980 Montreal St, Regina, SK, Canada (Now closed). Image by Google.

Here’s Phil’s career in his own words:  “I was born and raised in Regina, Saskatchewan and have lived all of my life within a three block radius of one spot. I have worked all of my career in the same building doing the same job.

I was born into a printing shop and this is the only money making job that I have ever had.

I did have lots of hobbies, but mostly in small wood working shop mode. And this woodworking was all for fun.  I made  a very large number of wood boxes and foot stools. 

No reason for this, or any need. I just liked making boxes and wood bobbins for the storage of electrical extension cords.  I had more extension cords than anyone that  I ever met.


I have travelled to Europe once. I did not like it. I bought pretty much all of the Ludlow equipment that I ever had a chance so to do. I really, really like being a printer.

My health is now very poor. I am very frail. I can be “outside my home,” for only about 5 hours a day now.

I do like writing and setting type, and I still upon occasion fire up one of my Ludlows and cast a few lines of type for demonstration purposes.

Two weeks ago I was asked by one of our local “arts groups,” to deliver a public lecture and demonstration on Letterpress Printing; I was so proud and happy to do this, particularly as this was the first time in my life that this has been asked of me.

I am definitely one of the last of the “old guys,” in  our area and am well versed in owning and operating a Letterpress Shop doing commercial printing  for the public. I did do a bit of artsy type printing. I particularly like printing poetry and prayer broadsides.

Until recently, I had just over 200 fonts of Ludlow scripts and speciality hand engraved initial letters for monograms. This was in addition to the 1,000 fonts of other Ludlow mats.”

If you have a printing question for Phil please leave it in the comments, and I shall pass it on to him.


3 thoughts on “Printing Advice from Phil Ambrosi”

  1. Oh my, Phil is one of a dying breed: a true gentleman printer. I have several of his lovely mitzvah gifts, in their beautifully handcrafted boxes. They, and he, are treasures. I would love to sit at his feet and listen.
    Rebecca Everett Birdwood Press, formerly Magnolia House Press.

    1. He was my mentor in the craft. Always grumpy with me but always teaching me something. Every visit included an old story, some advice, and some lead slugs cast perfectly. Thanks Phil

  2. Oh I think Phil is a carbon copy of myself. I loved, and still do, the trade of Letterpress Printing. I to had a mentor much like Phil. He was also my evening class teacher at The Central School of Arts and Crafts (London) I could go on and on about how I think Phil’s life runs parallel to myself.
    I wonder if it would be possible to in some way, in contact with Phil?
    Thank you so much for the article. Roy Bowker

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