Printing House Museum

The photographs on the following pages were all taken at The Printing House Museum, Cockermouth, Cumbria, UK. The museum unfortunately closed down in 2010.

Linotype keyboard
The linotype keyboard. Spacebar to the left, then lower case, numbers, etc. are in the blue section and caps on the right. There is an expanding spaceband on the tray above. The blue section also contained the now little-used ligatures (fi, fl, ff, ffi, ffl).
Linotype Model 78SM
A Linotype Model 78SM in absolutely new and unused condition. Is this the last Linotype ever made? Prepared for export in 1985, but never sent.
Linotype keyboard
A closer look at the same Model 78. The small keyboard to the right is to operate the side magazine (capitals only).
Linotype Model 78
Another Model 78, this time without the side magazines and in used condition.
Linotype Model 4
A Linotype Model 4 being extensively renovated.
Drive belts
The channels and belts that drive the matrices from the magazine to the assembly box.

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