Linotype Linocomp 1


This is an early, computerised typesetting machine. The operator selects a character on the keyboard, which triggers a stroboscopic flash to set the type.

Four type styles, each with 105 characters, were available to the operator through filmstrips held on a drum.

Linocomp 1 used hard-wired logic, but it was replaced in 1974 by Linocomp 2, which had a Intel microprocessor.

Linocomp retailed at £5,300, which was considered inexpensive.

One thought on “Linotype Linocomp 1”

  1. Remember when I first trialled one of these. An absolute revolution, way better than the IBM golf ball typewriter.
    Waited for the Linoterm and ended up buying two of them. Wore them to death, the escapement of the character speaks was basically a windscreen wiper motor, very reliable though and produced top quality type.
    Eventually used a tape reader off a Fairchild Tape punch unit to drive the Linoterm with externally punched tape.

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