Free Cobb Shinn Retro Clipart

Cobb Shinn Examples

Metal Type is proud to offer this superb 1950s retro clipart.

The zip file contains three versions of the same artwork in True Type Font (.ttf) Open Type Font (.otf) and Scaleable Vector Graphics (.svg) formats.

There’s also a text file telling the story of Cobb Shinn.

Stock Illustration Book

The illustrations came from a stock illustration book, produced in the 1950s by the Cobb Shinn Company of Indianapolis, USA.

In those pre-digital days printers or advertisers would browse the catalogue and if they saw an illustration they would like to use they would order a printing block from the company.

The file consists of 26 different images.

Click to download the approx 400kb zip file: Cobb Shinn Artwork.