Intertype Model A

Intertype Model A
INTERTYPE Model A is the highest development in the field of single-magazine composing machines.

It is as far superior to earlier machines of its class as a modern automobile is superior to the cars brought out several years ago.

While the Model A carries only one magazine, it is so well provided with quick-change devices that a wide range of work can be handled efficiently on it.

Magazines are easily removed and exchanged at the back of the machine, and are interchangeable with the magazines used on all other Intertype models.

Like all other Intertypes, the Model A sets faces from 5 to 42 point in size, in 4 to 30 em measures.

It carries all the Intertype improvements and simplifications, with the exception of the solid blade universal ejector, which is applied for $100 extra.

As it is a standardized Intertype, the Model A can at any time be converted into a Model B two-magazine or Model C three-magazine machine.

Intertype fan? We have some great photos taken, in colour, at their Brooklyn factory in 1966 here: Intertype Factory, 1966 also don’t miss the Intertype Chat section of the Forum.

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