Jaggers Chiles Stovall, 1970

Thanks to Dan Williams for sending in these scans of an article from the September 1970 edition of “Graphic Southwest” describing long-established trade-typesetter Jaggers Chiles Stovall’s move to new premises.

According to Dan, John F Kennedy’s assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, worked at the company for a while. They produced some typesetting work for the US Government, giving conspiracy theorists a little fuel.

Jaggers Chiles Stovall
Outside view of the 30,000 sq. ft. plant
Linotype arrangement
New Linotype arrangement eliminates extensive “operator travel”
Fototronic Computer Typesetter
Fototronic Computer Typesetter.

According to the article: “Among the new features of the J-C-S plant is the spacious 3,000 square-foot darkroom with expandable walls to grow as J-C-S continues to grow. These facilities are handling the production of two Fototronic typesetters, one a newly-installed model 1200 which is one of the latest installations in the entire country of the Intertype tape-driven composing machines.

Jaggers Chiles Stovall
Press-proofing of hot metal forms in the new amply-lighted plant. J-C-S is experiencing a new low in personnel turnover since moving to the new facility”

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