Linotype Model 5 Restoration

George Finn, an Australian Linotype mechanic, sent in this photograph and details of the restoration project.

Model 5 Linotype
HERE is a photo of the Model 5 Linotype that I am attempting to get running.

This is the oldest machine I have ever worked on. Checking the serial number (22971) against shipping dates, I find that it was shipped in the first half of 1918.

It is not without its challenges. The mold turning cam was broken in a couple of places so that the guide shoes that guide the mold disc forward in the casting position,could not function.

I took the cam from a model 48 that I had scrapped and it looks like it will do the job. You can see the old cam on the floor to the left in the photo.

I’m a little concerned about the pot as there is an access plug missing from the lower front, exposing powdered asbestos. It was suggested by Ken the curator that I may be able to plug it with muffler repair putty. It has the old original Cutler Hammer control, which has certainly seen better days.

The Linotype name plate at the top of the magazine frame is missing.

Fortunately the serial number and copyright plate is still in place. I was going to clean and repaint the machine but Ken said he wants it to look it’s age. The mat pusher and link that transfers the mats from the second elevator to the distributor box and onto the distributor is missing. I tried the one off the 48 but it doesn’t fit. But Ken has an awful lot of spare parts, so I’m sure we’ll find something.

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