Intertype Model C

Intertype Model C
SIMPLICITY of design and construction is the predominant feature of the Intertype Model C.

The same simple assembling and distributing mechanisms that are used on the single- and two-magazine Intertypes are also used on this three-magazine machine, and it has the same direct connection between escapements and keyboard rods.

It is, therefore, fully as fast and reliable as any single-magazine machine, with the added advantage of three magazines always at immediate command.

Its interchangeable magazines are quickly removed and replaced, at the back of the machine, the third or bottom one as easily as the other two.

Changes from one magazine to another are made by one revolution of a convenient handle.

With an equipment at instant command of six or more different faces, in three or more sizes, the Model C will handle a wide range of composition without the removal of a magazine.

With extra magazines the machine’s range can be increased indefinitely.

Model C carries all Intertype simplifications and improvements.

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