Linotype Model 3

Principal Features:

This machine had two magazines always in position, and each magazine contained a complete set of double-letter matrices, all of which could be used in a single line, set from one keyboard. It was the first double-letter distributor Linotype.

The two magazines were placed one above the other, a special arrangement to the keyboard enabled either magazine to be brought into immediate operation by the movement of a small lever.

The machine produced all sizes of type faces up to 14-point, and as the operator could change instantly from one magazine to another (introducing black face, italic, small caps, and roman in the same line), the most intricate work could be composed from the keyboard.

The double-letter magazine machine in its general aspect closely resembled the single-magazine machines, the whole of the operations of composing, assembling, and casting the solid line of type being identical. The main difference in appearance was in the distributor mechanism, which, with its distinctive wheel at either end, marked the individuality of the model.

This model is no longer built.

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  1. It seems that the American built Model 3 is not the same as the UK Model 3. The first is a single magazine, the latter a double magazine. Do I have that right?

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