Linotype Model 4 (Second Style)

Linotype Model 4 (Second Style)

The new Model 4 is the standard three-magazine machine, and is so constructed that a side display section can be added at any time.

It is fitted with all the labour-saving devices which have been developed to date, with the result that the machine provides the most perfect and economical composing equipment within its capacity.

It is equipped with three full-size magazines, the change from one to the other being effected in a few seconds by moving a large long lever at the side of the keyboard, which regulates the working position of all three magazines, and each may be taken off individually and another substituted without disturbing the others.

As many as six different faces of capitals can be provided in one magazine, or if display headings are required one magazine only need be so equipped.

The other two magazines may each contain a complete fount of roman, italic, and small capitals, and roman and display faces. If specially ordered, the maximum line measure can be increased to 36 pica ems.

Linotype Model 4 with Side Magazines

The Model 4 S.M. is similar in all respects to the Model 4, with the addition of two side or auxiliary magazines.

This machine has a standard keyboard of 90 keys which releases matrices from both the main and side magazines, and all type faces and body sizes from 5-point to 36-point can be produced in all measures up to 30 pica ems.

If specially ordered, the maximum line measure can be increased to 36 pica ems.

A single distributor works over main magazines, and a double distributor over side magazines.

This model is fitted with the universal knife block and universal ejector.

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